[Taxacom] Serious questions about taxonomy/ontology

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Sep 8 20:04:53 CDT 2010

To be fair, I don't think that the TaxonomistBio is supposed to learn anything 
or get anything out of the KM enterprise, only the TaxonomistBioEndUser is 
supposed to. I guess the idea is that although the TaxonomistBio may have no 
interest in anything beyond their limited scope of expertise (=taxonomic group) 
 (of which they know, for argument's sake, everything already), they should 
perhaps be interested in making their knowledge accessible to the end users in 
an integrated way, and that's what KM people try to facilitate. However, I don't 
see that KM has achieved much to date, or is likely to if it follows current 
methods ...

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Hi, Stephen.

It isn't gibberish in the knowledge-management world, where a 'taxonomist' isn't 
what you and I think it is. Let's call the two TaxonomistsKM and TaxonomistBio

What I'm keen to know is whether anyone with experience in this area (Rod page 
types?) sees a connection between how TaxonomistsKM work and how TaxonomistsBio 
do, and whether as TaxonomistsBio we can learn anything from TaxonomistsKM.

At the moment, the only connection I see is in how we deal with the *outputs* of 
taxonomy, i.e. publish them as straight text or as semantically marked-up 
documents with hidden RDF or other tags. No feedback to how we come up with 
those outputs, yet. But maybe I haven't penetrated the gibberish deeply enough 
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