[Taxacom] article on the decline of taxonomists

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
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This nicely written position paper is about 10 years old and refers to 20 previous years of complaining:


Note the introductory comment "ASC invites comments and hopes that this paper is the beginning of a dialogue both within the systematics collections community and between it, policymakers, and users of biodiversity information."

And then there's 'The Disappearance' by the botanist Duane Isely (1918-2000), published in 1972 in Taxon [21(1): 3-12. I have a low-quality PDF for anyone interested.] It's a dream-fantasy about a world in which all taxonomists suddenly vanished. Have any of Isely's imagined consequences emerged yet, given the ongoing decline in taxonomic expertise?
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