[Taxacom] Serious questions about taxonomy/ontology

Wolfgang Lorenz faunaplan at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 10 07:27:17 CDT 2010

one thing that we can learn (if we want) is: help each other and join

An example:
Some days ago, Stephen Thorpe pointed to a wikispecies page that is really
"fleshed out", WOW!:

What is missing there is a link to 4 good occurrence records accessible
through GBIF, e.g.:

... and help GBIF to get out of one of many data processing pitfalls:
When searching on "Oopterus", GBIF informs us "no georeferenced records
currently available for Oopterus". The reason: they have discarded the South
Georgia Island records because the co-ordinates fall outside the specified
country "United Kingdom" ... :(



Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

2010/9/9 Stephen Thorpe <stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz>

> To be fair, I don't think that the TaxonomistBio is supposed to learn
> anything
> or get anything out of the KM enterprise, only the TaxonomistBioEndUser is
> supposed to. I guess the idea is that although the TaxonomistBio may have
> no
> interest in anything beyond their limited scope of expertise (=taxonomic
> group)
>  (of which they know, for argument's sake, everything already), they should
> perhaps be interested in making their knowledge accessible to the end users
> in
> an integrated way, and that's what KM people try to facilitate. However, I
> don't
> see that KM has achieved much to date, or is likely to if it follows
> current
> methods ...
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> Hi, Stephen.
> It isn't gibberish in the knowledge-management world, where a 'taxonomist'
> isn't
> what you and I think it is. Let's call the two TaxonomistsKM and
> TaxonomistBio
> What I'm keen to know is whether anyone with experience in this area (Rod
> page
> types?) sees a connection between how TaxonomistsKM work and how
> TaxonomistsBio
> do, and whether as TaxonomistsBio we can learn anything from TaxonomistsKM.
> At the moment, the only connection I see is in how we deal with the
> *outputs* of
> taxonomy, i.e. publish them as straight text or as semantically marked-up
> documents with hidden RDF or other tags. No feedback to how we come up with
> those outputs, yet. But maybe I haven't penetrated the gibberish deeply
> enough
> yet...
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