[Taxacom] serious questions about taxonomy and ontogeny

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So what if taxonomy isn't science? Neither is collection curation/management nor 
scientific illustration, but these things are all still worth doing as support 
for systematics. Actually, I think that there is no objective test for species 
boundaries, so we might just all have to face the truth that species (and higher 
taxa) are all just ways of cutting up the cake. Systematics is left to work out 
the phylogenetic relationships between these bits of cake ... the only bit of 
science left ...

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Well, maybe so. We know pattern recognition works and is somewhat replicable, so 
it is not the same as Divine Revelation. But is it scientific? Is it testable? 
Is replication the same as testing pattern recognition? Is there a separate 
test, maybe molecular systematics?

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perhaps the answer to the problem is for universities to have Taxonomy 
Departments in their Arts Faculties! :)


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