[Taxacom] Wikispecies: ZooKeys 54 & 55 and more access

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Actually, there are more than just the new taxon names and links to their
original publication described in Zookeys, added gracefully by Stephen to

- ZooKeys issue 54 is their first semantically enhanced, XML-tagged, open
access taxonomic monograph
(http://pensoftonline.net/zookeys/index.php/journal/issue/view/56 ).

- All new taxa (over 50 in both papers (54 and 55) are simultaneously to the
publication supplied to EOL and integrated as basis of the respective taxon

- There are links to Zoobank for all the new taxa that are automatically
registered at Zoobank during the production worklow 

- All the treatments are instantaneously uploaded to Plazi.org (eg for
volume 54
Name=0&subIndexName=0 ), from where they can be harvested are searched. This
can easily happen because of the taxonomic mark up, in this case because of
the delimitation of the treatment borders.

- Besides these server-to-server exchange of information, the XML allows
much more to taxonomists to facilitate the reading process and use the
information for 100% of the Zookeys papers. When reading the HTML versions
of the papers, taxonomists will find all figures, references, citations and
idsentification cross-linked for easy referencing and navigation; one may
also map localities for each species treatment, or higher taxa treatments

An other access to the treatments is offered by the dynamic webpages (taxon
profiles) created for each taxon name mentioned in these publications. 


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