[Taxacom] 11:th International Hieracium workshop

Torbjörn Tyler torbjorn.tyler at botmus.lu.se
Sun Sep 19 14:04:38 CDT 2010

Dear friends and colleagues,

this is the first circular to announce that the 11:th international  
”Hieracium-workshop” will take place in Sweden 19.–23. June 2011. The  
Spånhult estate (www.spanhult.se), situated in Norrahammar between  
Jönköping and Mt Taberg (at the southern tip of lake Vättern) have  
been booked for the event. If you are considering attending the  
workshop, please let me know as soon as possible such that I get a  
clue to the number of participants. I will keep you informed as the  
planning proceeds and in January I will send further information about  
registration, accommodation, and submission of abstracts.

The focus of the workshop will be on Hieracium s. lat. (including  
Pilosella), but some more general presentations about the evolution of  
apomictic taxa or polyploids are also welcomed. As far as Hieracium s.  
lat. is concerned, presentations dealing with taxonomic,  
morphological, floristic, biogeographic, cytological, reproductive,  
population genetic, ecological, phylogenetic, genomic, and  
evolutionary aspects are all welcomed. If you allready now know that  
you would like to present someting I will be happy to know.

The schedule for the workshop is still extremely preliminary, but  
arrival to Spånhult is planned in the evening 19. June, followed by  
one and a half day of indoor activities including presentations of  
projects, discussions and exercises aiming at getting to know the  
local Hieracium-flora, followed by one and a half day of excursions.  
The latter will include a visit to the famous Mt Taberg  
(www.taberg.info), well known for its scenic view, unique geology and  
peculiar vascular and bryophyte flora. The Hieracium-flora of Mt  
Taberg includes 47 microspecies of H. sectt. Hieracium, Vulgata and  
Bifida alone! If there are enough interested, a post-workshop  
excursion may be arranged on 23. June to some boreal oligotrophic  
wetland habitat in the vicinity. (No Hieracia there, but lots of  
species appearing exotic to botanists from C Europe or elsewhere.)

Jönköping may be reached by air (to Jönköping airport www.jonkopingairport.se 
) from Stockholm-Arlanda or Copenhagen airport, by train from  
Copenhagen or Stockholm (approx. 3.5 h, change of train in Nässjö), or  
by car (road E4). Once in Jönköping, you may reach Spånhult by local  
busses or trains.

Please forward this information to colleagues who might be interested  
and are not included in our mailing list!

Torbjörn Tyler

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