[Taxacom] Is your taxonomic area covered?

Phillip S. Bøgh PSBoegh at snm.ku.dk
Mon Sep 20 08:20:41 CDT 2010

Dear Taxacom experts
As you know, it is crucial for the taxonomic community to cover and follow as many taxonomic taxa as possible to get a real survey of the changes in biodiversity. EDIT and PESI* have recently finished the development of an expert database and need the experts to fulfill and update your data of expertises.
Every day collaborative experts register their taxa, so our list of coverage is not complete. However, you can get a hint if your taxon of expertise is covered - at http://editexpertnet.org/node/3162
Covered or not, we highly appreciate if you´ll help us to update the base to be able to recruit the right experts. If you are in an EDIT partner institution or belongs to the PESI network, please provide your
¤ Registration of your expertises on taxa:
1st expertise
Taxon at FAMILY level :             
Taxon at ORDER level  :             
2nd expertise
Taxon at FAMILY level :             
Taxon at ORDER level  :            
3rd expertise .. etc.
You can also:
¤ Suggest a new expert, update yourself, announce errors or unregister 
goto: http://editexpertnet.org/node/15419
¤ Provide lists of taxonomic experts with their expertises (goto https://www2.adm.ku.dk/selv/pls/SEB_WWW21.vejviserdata?p_person_id=352452&p_stedkode=5291&p_sprog=DK)
¤ Spread the word in your network
* The EU-funded expert-database www.editexpertnet.org <http://www.editexpertnet.org/>  is developed by EDIT (at www.e-taxonomy.eu) and by the PESI checklist networks (at www.eu-nomen.eu <http://www.eu-nomen.eu/> ).  
Kind regards
Phillip Bøgh
Biologist and Research coordinator, PESI

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