[Taxacom] Organism names in the news - plant name housekeeping

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Tue Sep 21 19:27:13 CDT 2010

The article concludes:

"We don't pretend that this campaign will solve the global biodiversity crisis, and we don't want to create the impression that the problem is under control. But we hope it will perform two useful tasks: protecting a collection of species and habitats that might otherwise be lost, and pressuring a collection of governments that might otherwise avoid public scrutiny."

Fair enough. And can we be confident that the species and habitats protected will be the big, glamorous ones?

On a related note, I see that vertical farming is getting some traction in the campaigns to stabilise the human population, along with the promise that it will remove the need for more 'nature' to be cleared for food production, and will allow current marginal farmland to be retired. This to me is just plain silly. I guess the proponents haven't heard of Jevons Paradox.
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