[Taxacom] PhD graduate position in molecular phylogeny of Platyhelminthes

curini curini at uniss.it
Wed Sep 22 12:14:21 CDT 2010

 There is a PhD graduate position open at the University of Sassari (Northern Sardinia, Italy) - deadline: October 31st, 2010.
The title of the three-year project is: "Molecular Phylogeny of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes)" - looks more fearsome than it is: I am just looking for someone with experience of 'basic' sequences (i.e. SSU, LSU, COI), and willing to explore a few more, perhaps, and of principles of phylogenetical reconstructions - I will provide the taxa to be sequenced, and teach, should the 'putative candidate' interested, how to isolate and study interstitial flatworms...
The salary is what it is: it is about 1000 euro (net of taxes) per month, with some added bonus: the successful 'candidate' is allowed to stay abroad for up to half of the three-year period, provided that it is not at his/her place of residency. Meaning: if you are resident in Malmo, you are allowed to stay up to 18 months at, say, the university of Goteborg, and you will get 1500 euros per month. 
The research group of the University of Sassari includes me (full professor, rather old, lot of teaching studies, will not bother too much - a part from giving material to be sequenced, and be delighted to see and discuss molecular trees), and some young and more enthusiast researchers, led by Marco Casu, who runs the molecular biology laboratory, and has projects on Proseriata as well, and on Conservation genetics of endangered marine species. We have the basic instruments for DNA isolation, electrophoresis and amplification.
The University of Sassari is....well,  far from being Cambridge - very far. Winter climate, though, is decidedly better (rather heavily hot in summer, but no one, here, will oblige the successful candidate to stay here in august..) ...and nearby beaches are not bad.
If you are interested, please send me an email, including your CV. 

Marco Curini-Galletti
Dipartimento di Zoologia e Genetica Evoluzionistica
Università di Sassari
Via F. Muroni, 25 - 07100 Sassari (Italy)
Tel: +39 079 228662 Fax: +39 079 228665

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