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Robert Guralnick Robert.Guralnick at colorado.edu
Fri Sep 24 14:41:04 CDT 2010

Taxacomophiles ----

As promised, a follow-up email re: ADBC/NSF digitization solicitation.
 With the recent release of NSF’s Advancing Digitization of Biological
Collections (ADBC) the biological collections and bioinformatics
communities have been a flurry of activity. Many questions are being
asked about this solicitation and it’s implications in practice and

The potential outcomes of this solicitation, both positive and
otherwise, are exceptionally important to the success of national
digitization effort in the short and long terms.  For this reason, it
is critical that the museum and research communities, especially
individuals and institutions who work with biological collections and
informatics, begin a community-wide conversation.  To this end, we
invite all interested parties to visit a blog created specifically for
this purpose.


This blog is intended to provide a public forum for members of the
community to learn, ask questions, and share ideas about ADBC.  Most
importantly, this blog will provide an opportunity for ADBC applicants
to present their intentions for and philosophies behind proposed Home
Uniting Biocollections (HUB) and Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs)
submissions to the ADBC, to the larger community.

Ultimately, we want to see the creation of and funding for the best
possible HUB and associated TCNs.  We look forward to a HUB and TCNs
that are recognized assets to the community with the ability to
inspire and exemplify innovation and support the advancement of
digitization across the United States.

Best regards,
Robert Guralnick, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Patrick Kociolek, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
David Bloom, VertNet

David Bloom
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