[Taxacom] The role of ADBC (NSF national digitization solicitation)...

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Tue Sep 28 19:42:28 CDT 2010

Stephen Thorpe wrote:

>when I first glanced at this post, I thought it was about something that I
>support, namely the digitization of taxonomic LITERATURE, but now I see it is
>just another collections databasing initiative, which I have some reservations
>about. In my experience (which may be somewhat parochial?) is that collections
>contain two things, (1) reliably identified material; and (2) the 
>rest (which is
>usually most of it). Now, only (1) is useful, but it became (1) by 
>way of being
>examined in the context of a taxonomic revision, the results of which were
>published. So, it seems to me that the reliable data is already published, and
>what isn't already published is unreliable. Hence, I cannot really 
>see the point
>of collections databasing initiatives ...

Being co-PI on a rather substantial collections databasing initiative 
(DBCNet, the Digital Bee Collection Network), I can counter this by 
stating that a properly-done project is one that utilizes taxonomic 
expertise to confirm all of the identifications of specimens being 
databased. If there are funding agencies supporting similar projects 
which do NOT have taxonomists examining the material, then they are 
making a huge mistake. Databasing unreliably-IDed material is a waste 
of resources. Second, having recently sorted through several thousand 
specimens from a major collection, among which a great many of the 
older specimens had been used as data points for range maps and 
biological/phenological/distributional notes in the historical 
literature, it is clear that much of the older literature includes a 
LOT of misidentifications. Published data are intrinsically no more 
reliable than unpublished data; it all depends on who, and when. 
Would you blame a taxonomist who published in 1950 for doing shoddy 
IDs when 10 of the 50 known species in their group were described 
after 1950?

This is all the MORE reason for databasing collections; if specimens 
have to get into the hands of revisionary taxonomists in order to get 
them IDed properly, then it will facilitate things if the taxonomists 
know ALL the collections containing specimens they might want for 
their revisionary work, instead of just picking a few convenient and 
familiar collections. How thorough is a revision if it is based on 
just three or four collections - out of fifty that contain relevant 


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