[Taxacom] Gorilla genome paper (and chimps)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Fri Aug 5 11:58:25 CDT 2011

Dear All, 
        A recent article on the gorilla genome was
published in July by Ventura (et al.) in the journal Genome Research.
The abstract notes that it is structurally very similiar to the
chimpanzee genome (which is also very derived compared to human and
orangutan genomes). However, they seem to have concluded that they
acquired these derived structures independently (in parallel or
      It should be interesting to see why they came to that
conclusion (instead of it indicating common ancestry, independent of
hominids). Hopefully it is just one of many such studies as the gorilla
genome is studied more intensely. Below is a weblink to the citation and




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