[Taxacom] VertNet Annoucement

Robert Guralnick Robert.Guralnick at colorado.edu
Wed Aug 10 01:18:32 CDT 2011

  Dear Taxacomers ----

If you work in a natural history or science museum with biological
collections, or, heck, if you do biodiversity science (which is pretty
much all of us on the list), this may be of interest to you.

In May 2011, VertNet (http://www.vertnet.org) was awarded NSF funding
to create a cloud-based infrastructure to mobilize and publishing data
from the four distributed vertebrate databases, FishNet, MaNIS,
HerpNET, and ORNIS.  We're very excited about the project and its
potential to change the way people conduct biodiversity science.

Please join us as we build a new VertNet.  Follow our progress and
engage us in conversation with questions and comments on our newly
launched VertNet Blog (http://blog.vertnet.org/).  We’ll post every
Tuesday on topics ranging from current topics in biodiversity research
to advances in informatics to the VertNet Project itself.
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If you use other media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus,
we’re using these tools to keep you in the know, as well.  Please,
feel free to get involved with VertNet and...

Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/VertNet),
Follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/VertNetOrg), and,
Circle us on Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/106668930991835907114/posts).

Regardless of how you choose to keep in touch with us, you can always
send a good, old fashioned email to VertNet Coordinator Dave Bloom
(dbloom at vertnet.org) or VertNet Programmer Laura Russell
(larussell at vertnet.org).

For grins, take a look at a recent post introducing the VertNet Team

Best regards, Rob Guralnick (VN Steering Committee Chair) on behalf of
the VertNet Team

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