[Taxacom] Scale bar design when imaging herbarium sheets

Perkins,Kent D kperkins at flmnh.ufl.edu
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Here is what we currently use for our standard imaging at the University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS):

Ruler Magnetic Black 6" inch/metric
(we also have a 6" white one and a black and white 2" ones: http://www.crime-scene.com/cgi-crime-scene/sb/productsearch.cgi?search_field=A-6203M)

Tiffen Color Separation Guide with Grey Scale, 8" Size #Q-13
or Kodak Color Separation Guide with Grey Scale, 8" Size #Q-13
you can Google those for prices.  We usually order from Adorama or Amazon.
We apply magnetic tape to the back of the color separation guide.  Our light table is metal, so the ruler and guide stay in place pretty well.

We also use Gray Cards - 18% R-27 for setting our gray balance.  Those are ordered from various sources such as Amazon or Adorama.


For the Global Plants Initiative Project, plants.jstor.com, we use: 

X-Rite MSCCC ColorChecker Chart
The ruler is supplied by Kew.

Best wishes,

Kent D. Perkins, Manager of the Collection
University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)
Florida Museum of Natural History
379 Dickinson Hall
PO Box 110575
Gainesville, FL  32611-0575
Ph. 352-273-1990

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We are in the process of designing new scale bars for inclusion on herbarium sheets destined to be imaged.  A brief perusal of such images via Google reveals a rather similar design being employed by the major herbaria, i.e. a black background, with text and ruler markings in white, centimeters designated by alternating black and white sections, the first centimeter only subdivided into millimeters, etc. Is there a some kind of best practice convention that is being followed?



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