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Position as associate professor in systematic botany open at  
University of Bergen - the Natural History Museum, see:


Associate Professor in Systematic Botany

A permanent position as associate professor in systematic botany ?  
vascular plants, is open at the Natural History Collections (DNS),  
Bergen Museum, University of Bergen.

As part of a strategic investment in research in biosystematics at DNS  
emphasizing the importance of scientific collections, a position is  
offered to an associate professor with research within vascular plant  
taxonomy. The applicant must be skilled in classic (morphology based)  
as well as in molecular methods. The successful applicant?s research  
must be in vascular plant systematics and taxonomy and she or he will  
have the scientific responsibility for the vascular plant collections.  
Additional duties are dissemination and teaching/supervision.

We are seeking a colleague who holds a Norwegian doctorate degree or a  
comparable level in vascular plant systematics, and has achieved the  
associate professor level of academic proficiency in this discipline.  
Basic teaching training is a requirement. The successful candidate  
will be offered appropriate training if this requirement has not been  
met before the employment.

A more detailed description of the position and information about  
necessary documentation which must enclose the application is  
obtainable below or from the Bergen Museum Administration, phone no.  
+47 55 58 93 60, e-mail: POST at bm.uib.no?, and/or the head of the  
Natural History Collections, associate professor Kari Hjelle,  
kari.hjelle at bm.uib.no, and/or curator of the herbarium, professor Tor  
T√łnsberg, tor.tonsberg at bm.uib.no, phone no. +47 55 58 33 33.

Starting salaries at salary level 57 (code 1011) on the government  
salary scale (corresponding to NOK 448.400 per year, following  
ordinary meriting regulations (wage levels 57-64). The successful  
applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position  
at any time.

Applicants must state the works or parts of works they wish to be  
given particular attention in the evaluation of their applications.  
These should not exceed 10 in number. The application must contain an  
overview of the attachments providing the pedagogic qualifications.  
The application must contain a complete overview (including a list of  
all attachments) of the applicant?s education, earlier positions and  
teaching qualifications. Copies of certificates and diplomas,  
testimonials and scholarly works with a list of these (in four copies,  
sorted in four identical bundles), are to be sent to the University of  
Bergen, Bergen Museum, Administration, PO Box 7800, N-5020 Bergen,  

In addition the application and CV should be sent via the link ?Apply  
for this job? at this website.

Closing date for applications: 15 September 2011
The application must be marked with the annotation: 11/6498



Bergen Museum houses the University of Bergen?s cultural and natural  
history collections. Bergen Museum?s activities around these  
collections involve sampling, documentation, research, teaching and  
dissemination. As a state financed university museum, Bergen Museum  
maintains extensive scientific collections of great national and  
international significance and is at the same time a regional centre  
for scientific competence and dissemination of knowledge. Bergen  
Museum is divided into The Cultural History Collections (anthropology,  
archaeology, church art, and newer cultural history) and The Natural  
History Collections (botany, geology and zoology). There is also a  
central administration.

The Natural History Collections (DNS) has 16 permanent scientific  
positions, 1 post doc, 6 PhD candidates, 13 technical positions and 1  
administrative position. Additionally the Arboretum and Botanical  
Garden with 15 technical/administrative positions are administratively  
found within DNS.

For the time being there are three research groups in biology at DNS:  
?Biosystematics?, ?Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolution?, and  
?Palaeoenvironmental research group?. There is also a close  
collaboration with research groups at Department of Biology (BIO).  
Researchers at DNS have access to high quality scientific  
laboratories, including a DNA laboratory shared with BIO. Additional  
to research, the work at DNS is characterized by duties in the  
scientific collections.

The herbarium (herb. BG) at DNS is situated downtown Bergen and  
contains large scientific collections. The vascular plant herbarium is  
divided in a Fennoscandian and an extra-Fennoscandian collection and  
comprises altogether about 500.000 specimens. There is a great  
potential for research based on these collections and the successful  
applicant will have the scientific responsibility for the vascular  
plant collections; it is expected that through hers/his research these  
collections will be further developed. Experience with both classic  
(morphology based) and molecular methods are necessary, as is a broad  
knowledge of the Nordic vascular plant taxonomy. It is expected that  
the successful applicant is going to work with groups of plants that  
are represented with species in the Norwegian flora. The person should  
have skills in botanical nomenclature and experience through taxonomic  
revisions is positive. Today, research in vascular plant taxonomy is  
mainly carried out at The Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Milde,  
supporting large living collections of plants.

DNS collaborates with Department of Biology and teach in topics such  
as taxonomy, phylogenetics, evolution and palaeobiology. The  
successful applicant will have to take part in teaching and  
supervision within his/hers scientific field. The teaching duties will  
vary. Dissemination is important at Bergen Museum and the museum will  
during the coming years develop new exhibitions within natural  
history. The successful applicant will take part in the dissemination  
at the museum and give information and advice to students, researchers  
and the general public.

The teaching and dissemination language will normally be Norwegian.  
The successful applicant must be able to teach in Norwegian or one of  
the other Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her  
employmment. Basic teaching competence is also a requirement, but the  
successful applicant who does not have such competence at the time of  
her/his appointment will be offered training and will be required to  
produce evidence of such competence within one year of the date of  
appointment. This deadline is extended to two years for a  
non-Scandinavian successful applicant.

A permanently employed associate professor has the possibility to  
become full professor after application; application deadline is  
September 15th every year.

Reference is made to the University's General Regulations which state  
that as  part of the normal duties of the position, the successful  
applicant may also be required to undertake teaching, supervision and  
work in connection with examinations in her or his particular field  
outside the organisational unit to which the appointment belongs.

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