[Taxacom] London - Systematics Association Lecture, 5th October

James Cotton james.cotton at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Aug 23 13:42:53 CDT 2011

The Systematics Association
Sir Julian Huxley lecture

Taxonomy in the 21st century

Prof. Charles Godfray, University of Oxford.

The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London
Wednesday 5th October 2011, 6 pm

The meeting is open to visitors. Wine will be served after the lecture
to members and guests. Please advertise this lecture as widely as you  

Abstract: Taxonomy is one of the oldest branches of biology and in a time of major
loss of biodiversity of critical importance today.  But the subject
currently faces great threats and as well as great opportunities - many
tasks that traditionally required taxonomic expertise can now be performed
by non-specialists using modern molecular techniques, and the users of
taxonomy expect information to be made available seamlessly over the web.
In the lecture I'll explore some of the major challenges facing the subject,
drawing on the recent NERC-sponsored report "Developing a National Strategy
in Taxonomy & Systematics".  I shall argue that the future of taxonomy and
systematics is assured, as long as the subject takes the lead in redefining
itself as a modern information science.

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