[Taxacom] Kingdom Protista update (on opisthokont phylogeny)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sun Aug 28 21:37:50 CDT 2011

Dear All,
         Well, it looks like a very slow news weekend on Taxacom, so I
decided to expand on my Protista classification (posted on July 31st) to

now include my prefered classification of the paraphyletic Phylum
Choanozoa, based on the molecular and morphological data presented in
the paper by Shalchian-Tabrizi, et al., 2008 [PLoS ONE, 3(5):e2098],
even though the exact position of Class Corallochytrea remains
       I would also note as a minor aside, that I have noticed another
clade name that has been proposed in another paper, called Halvaria (H +

Alv + suffix "-aria") as a sort of portmanteau word for the clade
Heterokonta plus Alveolata (Clades 7-10 in the classification below).
Why there seems to be this rush to name every possible such new clade is

a bit irritating, but perhaps those proposing them believe that it will
ensure them some measure of immortality if PhyloCode is implemented (and

even accepted by some minority of taxonomists in the future).  Of
course, a lot of such newly proposed new clades don't always turn out to

be actual clades, which is one reason I prefer a coding system to a
bunch of new intermediate clade names that may or may not stand the test

of time.   
       In any case, here is my expanded classification showing how
various Classes of Phylum Choanozoa are related to the exgroups Kingdom
Eumycota and Kingdom Metazoa.  Perhaps next time that I update the
classification I will do the same for Phylum Chlorophyta (and its
exgroup Kingdom Metaphyta.  
              ----------Ken Kinman       
                  KINGDOM PROTISTA 
   1   Euglenozoa 
  2A   Percolozoa 
   B   Loukozoa 
   C   Metamonada 
  3A   Amoebozoa   
   B   Apusozoa 
   C  Choanozoa%% 
            1A  Cristidiscoidea
            1B  {{Eumycota}}  
            2   Ichthyosporea 
            ?   Corallochytrea
            3   Filasterea
            4   Choanoflagellatea
            5   {{Metazoa}}
 _a_   {{Kingdom EUMYCOTA}} (true fungi) 
 _b_   {{Kingdom METAZOA}} 
  4A   Glaucophyta 
   B   Rhodophyta 
   C   Chlorophyta% 
 _a_   {{Kingdom METAPHYTA}} (embryophytes)  
  5A   Cryptophyta 
   B   Haptophyta 
   6   Rhizaria 
   7   Heterokonta (stramenopiles) 
   8  Ciliophora 
   9   Dinozoa (or Dinophyta) 
  10   Sporozoa       
NOTES: Clades 5-10 make up the "SAR" clade (Cavalier-Smith's Chromista
sensu lato). Clades 4-10 form the photokaryote clade.   Clades 3-10
form Cavalier-Smith's "Neozoa"; Clades 2-10 form Cavalier-Smith's
"neokaryotes".   Clade 3 is "Unikonta" and Clade 3B (Choanozoa and its 
two exgroups) form the Opisthokonta clade of which we are a part).
    ADDED NOTE:  And as noted above, Clades 7-10 have been named Clade

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