[Taxacom] Apicomplexa or Sporozoa?

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Mon Aug 29 12:06:58 CDT 2011

Dear All, 
        Superphylum Alveolata (Infrakingdom Alveolata
Cavalier-Smith), which is Clade 8-10 in my protist classification, is
comprised of three phyla.  Ciliophora is widely used and
uncontroversial. However, the names of the other two phyla are
       The name Dinozoa was proposed 30 years ago, but still

not used nearly as much as Dinophyta. Perhaps the more neutral name
Dinoflagellata (also commonly used) would be a good compromise. But the
question of whether they should fall under the ICBN or ICZN remains.  

       The name of the third phylum is even more
controversial---Sporozoa or Apicomplexa?  Cavalier-Smith (1998; Biol.
Rev.,73:238) argued that Apicomplexa was an unnecessary junior synonym
of Sporozoa, and that some members of clade Sporozoa do not possess an
apical complex (namely, Manubrispora and the Ascetosporan taxa Paramyxea

and Haplosporidia).  So perhaps Apicomplexa isn't entirely appropriate
for the entire Phylum.  Lots of people still seem to prefer the older
name Sporozoa, even though a few small "sporozoan" taxa have been
transferred to other clades.  I'm not sure which side will win out on
this one in the long run.       
        --------Ken Kinman

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