[Taxacom] Monbiot editorial on academic publishing

Michael Heads michael.heads at yahoo.com
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Hi Neal,
My mistake. If you Google scholar Zootaxa 2011, for most of the articles you get a message 'The server www.mapress.com at Protected requires a username and password'. But if you go to their website you do get the abstract and email addresses. Maybe they would make more money if they sorted out the problem.
Anyway, the very important points raised by Monbiot still stand, of course. And, again, it is the academics who referee these journals who are to blame.
Wellington, New Zealand.
PS. If you find my grammar tricky, it's probably best not to bother with William Shakespeare, or even William Faulkner.

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I had to re-read this before I understood the tricky grammar used by Michael.

Michael is probably correct. There might be journals "like" Zootaxa that do not give abstracts or emails of authors for free, but Zootaxa DOES - for every single issue they have published!

So, Michael, please list the journals that are "like" Zootaxa that don't -- so we know.


On 8/30/11 8:57 AM, "Michael Heads" <michael.heads at yahoo.com<mailto:michael.heads at yahoo.com>> scribbled the following tidbit:

... But at least Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley-Blackwell journals give you an abstract and the authors' email addresses free, even for the latest articles. Journals like Zootaxa don't.

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