[Taxacom] Monbiot editorial on academic publishing

Nadia Talent nadia.talent at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 31 08:35:29 CDT 2011

On 2011-08-30, at 15:40 , Michael Heads wrote:

> Anyway, the very important points raised by Monbiot still stand, of course. And, again, it is the academics who referee these journals who are to blame.
> Michael 
> Wellington, New Zealand.

Please excuse me if I've missed discussion of this before, but are there concrete suggestions out there about how to refuse to referee for these publishers? Where should the line be drawn? Charging authors an enormous fee for open access is not something that I can endorse either: some of the most productive biodiversity researchers are self-funded.

I'd like to put a statement on my web page for editors to see, something along the lines of "This scientist will review manuscripts for publishers that provide free-access without page charges". But suppose that a bunch of us did that, would there be employers that would see this as a declaration of laziness (which initially it really could be, because reviewing to try to slow the flood of bad research is a terrible burden) and penalize their employees accordingly?

Nadia Talent
Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

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