[Taxacom] Monbiot editorial on academic publishing

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Some of us mugs contribute substantial sums and specimens to natural history 
museums. Those of us outside of academia who try to make a contribution to 
our knowledge mostly do so at our own expense. In my case, I have no 
institutional funding or grants and everything I do is with after tax 
dollars. I resort to asking authors for .pdfs but this doesn't work for 
older papers, and some recent authors do not comply with requests.  I 
subscribe to some 20 journals but cannot cover all bases. Friends in 
institutions often make copies for me, but there is a limit to how many 
times one can impose on people with busy schedules.
    I rather imagine a lot of "mugs" (i.e., those buying papers from the 
publishers) are people with grants who simply charge the cost to their 
grants.  In such cases the burden falls back on the taxpayers.

dick p.

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> On 8/31/2011 2:39 PM, Wolfgang Wuster wrote:
>> Purely as a matter of interest, does anyone have any figures on how much
>> the academic publishing houses earn from individual pdf sales from their
>> websites? Unless there are even more mugs in the world than I suspected,
>> I expect it won't be a huge amount, since everybody just asks for them
>> by emails to the author...
> * even more interesting would be to know what sort of individuals the
> mugs are, and their financial status, but I suppose that information is
> even less available.
> fred.
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