[Taxacom] 53 million year rabbit foot

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Dec 1 20:43:06 CST 2011

Hi Scott,                
      Well, any lagomorph that old is probably a lucky find.

Better yet, more complete than just a foot. I would particularly like to

see lagomorph fossils between 65 and 55 million years of ago, especially

stem-Ochotonidae and stem-Lagomorpha. 

      Of course, assuming that Lagomorpha originated before 65 million
years ago, the really big prize would be fossils of Cretaceous
stem-Lagomorpha.  However, they might be so rodent-like that only skull
material would be definitive.  A mere foot at that stage might not be
sufficient.  But there is a lot good stuff coming out of China and
Mongolia these days.  
Scott Lyell Gardner wrote:     
          My question: Is a 53,000,000 year old
rabbit foot still lucky? Just wanted to know for the next time we find
one when we are on a field trip.
      -Scott Gardner 

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