[Taxacom] Linking animal names to primary literature

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one might also mention that the primary (nomenclatural) literature is often the least useful for a taxon described long ago. On Wikispecies, we link taxa to all relevant literature (nomenclatural, taxonomic, ecological, phylogenetic, etc.)

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Dear All;,

As part of my mantra about linking information together I've started to build a database linking taxonomic names to primary literature (animals only at this point). The goal is to (a) discover how easy/difficult this is, and (b) provide a resource that might be useful.

You can view current progress at: http://iphylo.org/~rpage/itaxon/

For some background see http://iphylo.blogspot.com/2011/11/mapping-names-to-literature-closing-in.html

The aim is to link names to the primary literature that published that name using, for example, DOIs, Handles, ISBNs, or other identifiers. Where the reference is freely available (e.g., in BHL, the French archive Gallica,or in a journal that makes PDFs freely available) the reference is displayed.

The interface is a bit crude, but I'd welcome suggestions feedback/suggestions. 



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