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yeah, yeah, but I was thinking more along these lines:
Rod, your way of doing things has certain weaknesses, such as lack of taxonomic navigation, and you seem only to be wanting (for now) to link to the original references, which, as I said (and Geoff disagreed with, so I must be correct!), are often of little or no use. These weaknesses of yours are strengths of Wikispecies, so you should look at using bidirectional links to and from Wikispecies for navigation purposes, and for linking to more extensive literature (i.e., not just original descriptions). I am working on creating pages for original combinations which redirect to the current combination, which is probably needed for this to work. If you try to use CoL, or EoL, for this purpose, instead of Wikispecies, well ... you might get fewer blind links (maybe?), but you would run the risk of linking to nonsense in some important groups ...

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Dear Stephen, 

No offense taken :)

I think there are several ways to arrive at the same goal. In my case, it's automation. I'm one guy with a few computers, so I write code to link stuff together. Another approach is to get a community of people together to create a resource, such as WikiSpecies. That's great, but that's not a skill that I have.

Regarding collaboration, I plan to be making the results available as downloads so people can grab the mapping and use it in their own projects. For example, you may well find it useful when populating Wikispecies, and I will be looking at getting some additional mappings out of Wikispecies.

In terms of "co-ordination", my sense is that often ends up being a case of marking out territory. I want this mapping for my own projects, no one seems to have it in the form I want (e.g., digital identifiers rather than text strings), I can discuss with others  how one might make the mapping, or I can just go ahead and do it. I'm a believer in "small pieces loosely joined".



On 2 Dec 2011, at 23:04, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

yes, the problem here, as always, is that everybody (Rod in this case) is touting their own pet project to accomplish this enormous task, without giving fair dues to the other projects (such as Wikispecies, tout, tout!), or making any obvious attempts to coordinate/cooperate with these other initiatives. We should be asking, "what can I do to contribute to the task", and not "hey look, I'm doing it, get it here!"
>PS: No offence Rod! :)
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>Hi Rod,
>I'm interested to see what you have done and as ever, it is very nicely executed. A couple of comments (well, 3 but I cannot count):
>(1) This needs eventually to mesh somehow with equivalent work elsewhere, as reflected in recent posts - do you see any possibilities of this and if so, how?
>(2) Also needs to mesh with equivalent coordination activities in the "global names" space, as this is the flip side of this particular coin
>(3) How does this overlap (or not) with your previous posts on the possible benefits of assembling the "bibliography of life" using Mendeley?
>Tony Rees - Hobart
>>> Dear All;,
>>> As part of my mantra about linking information together I've started to
>>> build a database linking taxonomic names to primary literature (animals
>>> only at this point). The goal is to (a) discover how easy/difficult this
>>> is, and (b) provide a resource that might be useful.
>>> You can view current progress at: http://iphylo.org/~rpage/itaxon/
>>> For some background see
>>> http://iphylo.blogspot.com/2011/11/mapping-names-to-literature-closing-in.html
>>> The aim is to link names to the primary literature that published that
>>> name using, for example, DOIs, Handles, ISBNs, or other identifiers. Where
>>> the reference is freely available (e.g., in BHL, the French archive
>>> Gallica,or in a journal that makes PDFs freely available) the reference is
>>> displayed.
>>> The interface is a bit crude, but I'd welcome suggestions
>>> feedback/suggestions.
>>> Regards
>>> Rod
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