[Taxacom] Linking animal names to primary literature

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'a disc'! ... heard of RAID 1 ... RAID 5 ... RAID 10 ... mirrored servers -  try Wikipedia if more information is needed ...
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ION: Nigel wrote this a couple of days ago:


Just to let you know we have had a disc corruption on the server. Our data centre is working on this but we need to restore a back up after repairing the hardware. It looks like this may be the root cause of recent issues.

If this is not resolved in the next 24 hours I'll make a wider announcement.


at least the searches are working now, but looks like it still isn't functioning properly.
This highlights the dangers of reliance on technology. Similarly, nobody can currently log in or edit ZooBank, and they are having difficulty finding the problem ...


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Well, can't agree with that. Sometimes yes, but still vital (for what it
doesn't have). Often? Really?

But I just wanted to mention that unfortunately ION's internal links as
presented for use by the world (Rod, or anybody) seem broken today from
where I am.  Whatssup?

eg. http://www.organismnames.com/details.htm?lsid=1457026

"The taxon you are querying for cannot be found, please return to the home
page and try searching again."

Nice loop.


On Sat, December 3, 2011 2:32 pm, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
> one might also mention that the primary (nomenclatural) literature is
> often the least useful for a taxon described long ago. On Wikispecies, we
> link taxa to all relevant literature (nomenclatural, taxonomic,
> ecological, phylogenetic, etc.)
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> Subject: [Taxacom] Linking animal names to primary literature
> Dear All;,
> As part of my mantra about linking information together I've started to
> build a database linking taxonomic names to primary literature (animals
> only at this point). The goal is to (a) discover how easy/difficult this
> is, and (b) provide a resource that might be useful.
> You can view current progress at: http://iphylo.org/~rpage/itaxon/
> For some background see
> http://iphylo.blogspot.com/2011/11/mapping-names-to-literature-closing-in.html

Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
gread at actrix.gen.nz

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