[Taxacom] monoecious/dioecious in plant descriptions

Sosef, Marc Marc.Sosef at wur.nl
Sun Dec 4 12:57:58 CST 2011

Dear colleagues,

I stumbled upon the question what the right/correct position is of the words monoecious, dioecious, androdioecious, etc. in a plant description. When browsing through quit some species descriptions, in Floras as well as revisions, it seems there is no consensus at all amongst plant taxonomists. The indication may appear roughly in the following places:

Monoecious. Plants up to 1 m high, ....

Plants monoecious, up to 1 m high, .....

..... Inflorescence monoecious, axillary, ......

..... Flowers monoecious, on short pedicels, ......

To me personally, the first, or maybe second option is most appealing, but I am open for any well-defended other opinion. The question is of course, are these terms an adjective, and if so to the species, the plant(s), the inflorescence, the flowers, or what?

best regards,
Marc Sosef

Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis (section NHN), Biosystematics group, Wageningen University
Gen. Foulkesweg 37, 6703 BL Wageningen, The Netherlands

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