[Taxacom] Devonian fish name question

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Fri Dec 9 12:56:21 CST 2011

Great! I appreciate that. John

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Hi John, 
        I would say neither Dinichthys nor Dunkleosteus.  I checked the
Global Names Index, which shows Dinichthys magnificus.  However, this
was apparently the original name combination, and I could find noone
else using this name combination.          
       It was transferred to genus Dunkleosteus at some point in time,
but was later transferred to Eastmanosteus by Kim Dennis-Bryan in 1987.
Eastmanosteus magnificus still seems to be the generally recognized name
combination (unless one is a lumper and lumps all of Eastmanosteus into
the closely related genus Dunkleosteus).      

John Grehan wrote: 
If there is anyone on this list familiar with Devonian fossil fish
taxonomy, I would be grateful to know the current name for a Devonian
fish that was in the eastern US that I have labeled as Dunkleosteus
("Dinichthys") magnificus. Which is the current generic name? 


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