[Taxacom] Wikispecies as a DarwinCore Archive file

Dmitry Mozzherin dmozzherin at eol.org
Tue Dec 27 16:38:03 CST 2011

I did find that Wikispecies successfully compile in a classification.
You can see the resulting DarwinCore file here:


(fields 'classificationPath' and 'canonicalForm' in the taxa.txt file
are 'fake' terms added for demonstration purposes)

A few names (about 1000) were not recognizable by algorithms and it
seems most of them need an editorial attention at corresponding
Wikispecies pages.


Altogether this little experiment was encouraging. It seems that
converting Wikispecies into a 'formal' classification is a reality.

It does convince me more that Wikispecies can be a collaborative open
alternative to Catalogue of Life and its current workflow can be
augmented with computer algorithms which would extract classification
on a regular basis and  also serve as a quality/integrity control for
the data.


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