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So what, in your view, are the principles of evolution and what is so
hard about them to teach and what is so difficult about the concept
compared to other science concepts?

John Grehan

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Of course it is -- we all do.  The puzzlement to us -- at least speaking

for those with whom I have discussed this extensively -- is those who
nature yet deny evolution.

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On Thu, 3 Feb 2011, John Grehan wrote:

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> "And a final reason teachers skipped (and still skip) that last
> chapter and do not put everything in an evolutionary context is that
> they
> themselves are uncertain about the principles of evolution (as I like
> say, it's not rocket science -- it's harder!!;"
> It is?
> "evolution is a difficult
> concept to understand at a level that allows one to teach it
> effectively),"
> Really?
> "having had a deficient scientific education, which they blithely pass
> on.
> It is certainly possible to love nature and deny evolution."
> And it's also possible to love nature and accept evolution.
> John Grehan
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