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I learned from Genie Scott how pernicious it is to speak or write of 
"believing in evolution."  Unlike religion, it is not a matter of belief 
-- it is a matter of persuasion by evidence.

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On Mon, 7 Feb 2011, Richard Zander wrote:

> This exchange is crucial, I think. Particularly " the problem being the
> absence of evolution being taught as a science rather than a belief
> system (and a particular evolution belief system at that)."
> There are three important definitions of science in Websters III. One is
> any systematized body of knowledge, as in the "science of boxing."
> Another is systematized and classified knowledge about the natural world
> obtained and tested through the scientific method. The third is the
> observation and classification of facts with the establishment of
> verifiable general laws, chiefly by induction and hypotheses. (Much
> paraphrased.).
> The public recognizes the first, of course, and it is trivial or obvious
> or annoying to most Taxacomers. I think John Grehan recognizes the
> second, mostly, because it emphasizes method. I like the third because
> it emphasizes induction. Thus, we talk past each other, in my opinion.
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> Jeff concluded
> "I would argue that eliminating evolution from high school science
> education at best maintains our current situation, while continuing our
> teaching of evolution does no additional harm, but has the potential for
> good. I think you could possibly make an argument that we never
> should've taught evolution in high school, but now that you have,
> removing it would only remove the opportunity to fix the misconceptions
> that exist in the general population and could possibly increase
> tensions between the perceived "believers" and "nonbelievers". The
> solution is in better teachers and better curriculum."
> Yes one could argue that, just as much as the opposite. As for
> misconceptions, I would argue that this is not the problem, the problem
> being the absence of evolution being taught as a science rather than a
> belief system (and a particular evolution belief system at that).
> John Grehan

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