[Taxacom] Journal/Wiki publication and dissemination of a new taxon description

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Mon Feb 7 19:04:47 CST 2011

Lyubo Penev's announcement seems to have gotten buried among the evolution education and odometer georeferencing threads. This is definitely worth a look:


One way to see the species-ID wiki is that it's a Wikipedia variant, i.e. a Wikipedia species page with elements of Wikispecies and a lot more detail. Or maybe a vastly improved and liberated EOL page.

The thought that intrigues me is: what a fantastic resource the species-ID pages would now be for the first Linnean species, if only we'd had the Net and digital tools 250 years ago!

<irony>Anyway, since nearly all the world's *important* species are named and properly classified nowadays, we don't really need a species-ID wiki. It would be different if most of the world's *important* species were still undescribed, because we could use a species-ID wiki to build up knowledge about a whole range of new taxa using 'crowd-sourced' information.</irony>
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