[Taxacom] google earth engine

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Thu Feb 10 02:34:36 CST 2011

I haven't seen a post on this list yet, but think this is another
development well worth watching as a taxacomer, since it allows among others
to keep an eye on the disappearing type localities etc.




Today, we launched a new Google Labs product called
<http://earthengine.googlelabs.com/> Google Earth Engine at the
usg=AFQjCNG7iQaO0mzGxLf6nLBNWouzNJo1ZQ> International Climate Change
Conference in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Google Earth Engine is a new technology
platform that puts an unprecedented amount of satellite imagery and
data-current and historical-online for the first time. It enables
global-scale monitoring and measurement of changes in the earth's
environment. The platform will enable scientists to use our extensive
computing infrastructure-the Google "cloud"-to analyze this imagery.
Last year, we demonstrated an early prototype. Since then, we have developed
the platform, and are excited now to offer scientists around the world
access to Earth Engine to implement their applications.






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