[Taxacom] Id requests from Mexico - one grass and two chenopods

Heike Vibrans heike_texcoco at yahoo.com.mx
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Hi, everybody,

Last year several species came to my attention, that I have not been able to identify definitely, and that may be new invasive plants. I have put up photos on my Spanish-language blog, but have not yet had a good response. So, I would like to ask for your help.

The first one is a grass that was found in relatively large populations in the region between Michacán and Jalisco, at around 1600-2000 m. It is quite distinctive. The inflorescence is dense and compound, with very noticable bracts supporting each partial inflorescence of two geniculate spikelets. Mature, but not too dry plants are bicolored - green and red-brown. I think it may be a Hyparrhenia or a close relative. As a matter of fact, I have seen images of Hyparrhenia anthistirioides, that seems rather similar (and read a description on Kews Grass Base), but I hesitate to assign this name without an expert's opinion or an herbarium comparison; I have already revised the Hyparrhenia and allies at the National Herbarium here in Mexico.

The pictures can be found here:

The second is a Chenopodium or Dysphania, which I found in the parking lot of the National Herbarium. I like Dysphania pumilio best up to now, but I don't have access to herbarium specimens, and the descriptions and images in the net don't really coincide completedly.


The third one is perhaps a Suaeda. The pictures were sent to me by a concerned teacher, but I haven't been able to look into it much. 


For those of you who like botanical puzzles, there are some more under 


Regards and thanks!

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