[Taxacom] Enculturization (Addendum)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Fri Feb 11 09:23:24 CST 2011

Good Morning,
       Last night I meant to say that enculturization probably shouldn't
be applied to human children in the context of the present discussion
(in particular finger-pointing responses being genetic due to selective
breeding).  Human children clearly are subject to enculturation through
learning.  When I started this thread, I guess I should have specified
that I was talking about "genetic enculturization" (especially between
different species).     
       Anyway, I think it would be a very interesting to see whether the
tame silver foxes in Russia are as good as domestic dogs in the
finger-pointing experiment.  It really is amazing how dog-like those
foxes are after less than 60 years of selective breeding. 

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