[Taxacom] Order Campanulales (worth maintaining?)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Wed Feb 16 09:12:01 CST 2011

Dear All,
      It is not a matter of evidence in this case.  The present evidence
seems to show that Order Campanulales (families Campanulaceae and
Rousseaceae) is sister group to my more traditional Order Asterales, and
this is how I coded it in my 2009 classification.           
      However, one could also treat them as sister Suborders rather than
sister Orders.  This would yield one very large Order Asterales (as APG
started doing in its second version).   The evidence is the same either
way, so it is just a matter of rank (and whether one doesn't mind
sinking another Order into synonymy when it isn't really necessary).
This is a matter of lumping vs. splitting, not evidence.    

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