[Taxacom] Taxonomy PhD available to UK and EU applicants at Reading University

Alastair Culham a.culham at reading.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 14:39:39 CST 2011

We are pleased to advertise a PhD in the computer-aided identification of
apple cultivars at the University of Reading funded under the BBSRC
Industrial Case awards scheme.  


Interested applicants should see the post on Find a PhD

Or contact me for further information.


The PhD is linked to our management of the National Fruit Collection at
Brogdale, Kent http://www.nationalfruitcollection.org.uk/



Alastair Culham




Dr Alastair Culham

Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics

Harborne Building, School of Biological Sciences

University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AS



 <http://www.linnean.org/index.php?id=110> Associate Editor, Botanical
Journal of the Linnean Society

 <http://www.biosci.reading.ac.uk/Teaching/MscPlantDiversity.htm> Programme
Director, MSc Plant Diversity

School Learning Technology Coordinator

i4Life Coordinator





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