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I am sure you know all that but let me clarify something. Darwin Core
Archive is not just a new format created to serve the GBIF! It is not just a
converted dataset but a dataset described according to approved standards.
Description goes in two directions - to properly name the fields and link
these to a controlled vocabulary explaining what exactly is (or should be)
entered in a particular field. A second route describes extensively the
metadata of the the dataset, again according to an approved standard, in
this case EML.

Naturally, authors may publish their datasets as individual tables in
supplementary files or link in their papers to them on an external server.
These individual datasets, however, are not easily comparable between each
other and even less they are interoperable. Users outside a particular
taxon, or even outside taxonomy,  might have problem to understand, use and
re-use individually designed datasets, however they will be facilitated to
use DwC-A formatted data.

The Darwin Core Archive can be downloaded separately from the rest of the
GBIF data through the IPT. It can also be downloaded from the publisher's
website. Any interested user can find a lot of additional information on
that dataset in the metadata catalogue of IPT.

Naturally, we are aware that at the present stage DwC-A would in many cases
need some support from experienced data managers to be properly implemented.
It will take some time. On the other side, the future comes often faster
than anyone would expect.  Data managers become quickly wanted job positions
even in not that large taxonomic institutions. Individual taxonomist will be
facilitated by tools to export their datasets in DwC-A or in another
interoperable formats.

Otherwise, nothing wrong to go to HOL direct or to any other server - the
link(s) again can be described and made visible in the metadata and/or the
paper and published along with the archive.

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