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John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Fri Feb 18 09:57:34 CST 2011

I guess I was a bit surprised at how little response there was on the
OSHA question. So I am left wondering if my asking was considered so
embarrassingly ignorant that it did not deserve response. One person
suggested off list that "Although the MSDS will indeed require all this
protective equipment, it is understood that it is for bulk handling (for
example aliquoting from a 5 gallon drum to bottles). MSDS sheets are
written for industrial applications and not for lab work or, in your
case, research and they serve as guidance only. Your institution still
has to draw-up the work instructions taking into account the MSDS sheets
but also considering the likely exposure during normal use."


That would be a rational approach, but I am still very interested to
know if that is the approach used in US entomology labs that follow OSHA


My thanks to those who have commented on and off list.


John Grehan


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