[Taxacom] Order Campanulales (worth maintaining?)

Curtis Clark lists at curtisclark.org
Fri Feb 18 16:51:19 CST 2011

On 2011-02-18 12:41, Richard Zander wrote:
> Thus, genera evolve. Ditto families.
Do split genera evolve faster or slower than lumped ones?

I have no quibble with the idea that entities more inclusive than 
species evolve. But to say that genera evolve (in the evolutionary, not 
historical circumscriptive or nomenclatural sense) seems to me a 
departure from biology.
> Demonstrate to me why I am wrong, you who disagree enough to say so, 
> and not by mapping traits onto a cladogram or ad hoc axioms. That is 
> not science.
There's no point. You will rule out as "not science" any playing field 
that I choose, and attribute to me a variety of lapses, only some of 
which I may have made.

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