[Taxacom] Class Rosopsida classification; was: "Pentapetalae" (yes)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Mon Feb 21 20:56:01 CST 2011

Dear All,   
      I was asked to post my phylogeny of Subclass Dilleniidae.
However, it's best considered in context with its ancestors (Subclass
Ranunculidae) and its descendants (Asteridae and Rosidae).  Therefore,
below is my updated classification of Class Rosopsida.    
        As I said yesterday, I am now using a {{Pentapetalae}} exgroup
marker within Subclass Ranunculidae.  The phylogeny of Subclass
Dilleniidae has only changed slightly since my 2009 classification
(Santalales splitting off slightly closer to Caryophyllales).  I also
seriously considered moving Order Dilleniales down (after
Berberidopsidales, instead of before it), but still prefer to show it as
sister to the "superasterids" (rather than within them). Actually I
wouldn't be surprised if it moved down two nodes (between Santalales and
       Anyway, Dilleniidae clade 1 equals the "superrosids" (with a
total of 21 Orders), and Dilleniidae clades 2 to 8 comprise the
"superasterids" (with a total of 24 Orders).  [NOTE: just a reminder,
the main clades are numbered in the order in which they split off
cladistically; while their subclades are coded by capital letters, also
in the order that they split off].
Class Rosopsida (eudicots)    

     1 Subclass Ranunculidae%
            1   Ranunculales
           2A   Sabiales
            B   Proteales
            3   Trochodendrales
            4   Buxales
            5   Gunnerales 
            6   {{Pentapetalae}} (Dilleniidae
and its two exgroups)    

  _1_ Subclass Dilleniidae%%
           1A   Saxifragales
            B   Vitales
            C   {{Rosidae}}
            2   Dilleniales
            3   Berberidopsidales
            4   Santalales
           5A   Caryophyllales
            B   Polygonales
            C   Nepenthales
           6A   Balsaminales
            B   Polemoniales
            C   Primulales
            D   Styracales
            E   Theales
            F   Ericales
            7   Cornales
            8   {{Asteridae}}     

  _a_  Subclass Asteridae (euasterids)              
            1A   Aquifoliales 
             B   Garryales
             C   Gentianales
             D   Solanales
             E   Boraginales
             F   Lamiales
             2   Asterales
             3   Escalloniales
             4   Bruniales
             5   Apiales
             6   Dipsacales    

  _b_ Subclass Rosidae (rosids)
            1A   Geraniales
             B   Myrtales
            2A   Crossosomatales
             B   Picramniales
             C   Sapindales
             D   Huerteales
             E   Malvales
             F   Brassicales
            3A   Zygophyllales
             B   Fabales
             C   Rosales
             D   Fagales
             E   Cucurbitales
             4   Celastrales
             5   Oxalidales
            6A   Violales
             A   Euphorbiales
             A   Podostemales
             A   Ochnales 


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