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In December Sir David Attenborough and Professor Richard Fortey gave a
hugely successful talk on behalf of the ICZN. Both speakers and audience
felt the evening was electric. You can look forward to photos and a report
in the next Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, and film clips online on
the ICZN and NHM websites in the near future!

Inspired by the talk, we have had an offer of fantastic personal effort in
support for the ICZN. Justin Warhurst has put his whole self in to the
effort of fundraising ­ you can help him too! He will run a full marathon on
behalf of the ICZN. Please sponsor Justin ­ even small donations of a few
pounds help as it shows you are rooting for the ICZN and for Justin to cross
the finish line. We can use that to help get more support elsewhere. Big
donations help even more, as they help us expand our work that keeps
information on biodiversity sensibly anchored through stable scientific

This webpage will include updates, a few words from Justin and your way to

Show your support for the ICZN by sponsoring Justin Warhurst to run a
marathon on our behalf!

Justin will run his first marathon (at the brave age of 45), and has chosen
to raise funds for ICZN.  He works by day as the Business Services Director
of Lane 4 Management Group (a performance development consultancy with a
unique heritage in elite sport and business performance) and, recently, by
night can be found running up and down various cold, dark, wet streets in
Amersham, Buckinghamshire.  He is married to Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds, the
Molecular Collections Facility Manager at the Natural History Museum. It was
at the ICZN  ³What¹s in a name² fundraising lecture by Sir David
Attenborough and Prof. Richard Fortey in December that Justin was inspired
by the work of ICZN and decided to run in support of us.

Justin will run The Barcelona Marathon on 6th March.

We aim to raise £2000.  Click here to pledge your part in sending Justin
over the finish line... Your support will give him the umph to run the full
course, and help the ICZN too!

Donate through the ICZN website,
or directly though Justin¹s charity page here:
Remember to check ŒGift Aid¹ if you are a UK taxpayer. It adds 28% more
value to your donation.

If you want to run with Justin, let him know and we'll make it a team!

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