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I while back a couple of people were complaining about the intelligibility of panbiogeography, and no doubt there are others who feel the same way. Not that it may make any difference, but for those interested in a brief introductory review there is one in a chapter titled Introdução à Pan-biogeografia: Método e Síntese recently published in Biogeografia da América do Sul: Padrões & Processos, ed by C.J.B. de Carvalho & E.A.B. Almeida. ROCA, São Paulo. 


The book offers new and current concepts presented by 26 authors. It is a basic reference for professors, students and professionals of the areas of Biogeography, Biology of the Conservation, Botany, Ecology, Geography, Geology, Zoology, and others. It is, in my opinion, far superior in content and coverage compared to the standard Anglo-American textbooks I have seen (and this even though I may disagree with some aspects presented by other authors). Anyone interested to obtain the book can do so at  http://www.editoraroca.com.br/biogeografia-da-america-sul-padroes-process-291110.aspx


I have produced an English language fascimile of the panbiogeography chapter that can be accessed at:




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