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An honest question:

Why exactly can L. bulla Benson 1836 be considered nomen nudum? Or any
name for that matter, I think Richard zander makes a good point about
where can you draw the line.

I agree with the intepretation of this particular name being
meaningless, but there must be a more objective parameter.



On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 1:18 PM, David Campbell <pleuronaia at gmail.com> wrote:
> In general, very minimal descriptions are recognized as qualifying
> under the letter of the zoological code, though not the spirit of it.
> I have a species of interest (Lymnaea bulla Benson, 1836) for which
> the original publication gave a detailed locality description and said
> there were two new species there.  He only described one of the two,
> however.  bulla is only mentioned in passing in the description of the
> other species, and the only description of it is the uninformative
> word "fine".  (The text has butta; corrigenda makes it bulla)
> Kobelt (1880) cited Benson's name but also gave a figure and a
> description, unfortunately with a much more vague locality.
> I have interpreted Benson's name as nude because there is no
> description of the species and thus regard the valid name as bulla
> Kobelt.  Other opinions?
> Kobelt based a new genus-level name on the taxon, hence the interest.
> Probable senior synonyms exist at the species level (with a caveat
> about possible cryptic species).
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