[Taxacom] shortest description

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Sat Feb 26 12:26:08 CST 2011

> I'm assuming you mean any of the above cases individually.

Well you can also combine all these, it does not change the situation.
"Beautiful species that flies in autumn across Suriname and differs from
the others of the same group in its well and easily recognisable
characters and in addition, by differential DNA, very much distant from
species B from which it also differs in its colour."

> "absence of nucleus"

This is a scientific statement, but it would only "denote" a taxon (given
that no other character is given) if it is clear from the context that the
author thought that the other species did have a nucleus. "Differs from
species B in the absence of xxx" is a usual way to denote a taxon, at
least in malacology.


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