[Taxacom] New Years thoughts

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sat Jan 1 00:05:30 CST 2011

Hi all, 
      Looks like I made the same arithmetic mistake as Bob.  Not because
of liquid refreshment, but I'm just tired and the neighbors' aggravating
dogs won't shut up late at night (an all too common occurrence).   
      In any case, I'm not sure the Chinese have abandoned their
population control measures, as much as they may have relaxed them
somewhat as economic pressures and westernization have now marginally
made a larger work force a little more profitable (although the rural
population suffers in the process, even more so than the small family
farm in the U.S.).   
      However, the Chinese still are FAR more successful in managing
population growth than neighboring India which has largely failed to
curb its population growth.  It's even worse in areas formerly part of
India, but now independent (Bangladesh and Pakistan).  The out-sourcing
of U.S. jobs to India cannot possibly keep up with such population
growth.  Too many governments just sticking their heads in the sands and
counting on unreal expectations tht things will continue as is.    

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