[Taxacom] Impediments to biodiversity data sharing

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
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Is there a chance to get a copy of the Froese et al paper mentioned below?
The link seems to be broken?!
Thanks, Donat

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On 12/31/2010 4:55 AM, Roderic Page wrote:

> Thanks for the link to Froese et al.,
http://filaman.uni-kiel.de/ifmgeomar/rfroese/ConcernsDataowners.pdf which is
a rather more nuanced
> study than my suggestion that the issue is either fear or arrogance(!)
> I've added their report to the "Data citation" group on Mendeley
>    ), which contains a number of papers on this topic.

* I've had similar concerns - http://pinicola.ca/h2001a.htm - although 
without the commercial angle the fishbase folks find with fishery data.

One of the ideas I've had, in dealing (unsucessfully) with data 
"owners," back in 1992 when DAPCAN was negotiating for core data for 
provincial herpetological databases, was that once the database was 
established each release of records to a user should aggregate the 
released records by original observer, and that the release, and any 
resulting manuscripts, should be circulated to those who contributed 
more than a threshold percentage of the records. This could be done 
automatically, and would uphold scholarly standards of courtesy, allow 
observers to see how their data were being used, and give them the 
opportunity to comment on the use. I was pleased to see that Froese et 
al. suggest similar internal and automatic manipulations of the records 
to solve the various problems with fisheries data.

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