[Taxacom] Closed-source implementation

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Sun Jan 2 16:16:11 CST 2011


When I click on


in my browser I get a message saying 'To view this content please install Microsoft Silverlight'. That's pretty disappointing these days, even if Microsoft has unbent enough to allow Novell to write Moonlight, which can run most of Silverlight's functions in browsers not running on Windows machines.

Why, since nearly every browser on the planet already has Flash or an equivalent (I use Gnash in Iceweasel on Debian Linux), has the developer (or developers) gone for the closed-source Silverlight? The rest of the LSU Herbarium site doesn't seem to require Silverlight. Let's hope the Carex site is migrated in time to the open and universal HTML5, so I can view it, too.
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