[Taxacom] Graduate Position at Oklahoma State Univ.

Mark Fishbein mark.fishbein at okstate.edu
Tue Jan 4 09:35:32 CST 2011

Graduate Position in phylogenetics/genomics at Oklahoma State University

Mark Fishbein (Oklahoma State University, Department of Botany) seeks  
a graduate student (PhD or MS) to apply genomic approaches to the  
phylogeny of American milkweeds (Asclepias, Apocynaceae).  The student  
will participate in an NSF-funded collaborative project with Dr. Aaron  
Liston and Dr. Richard Cronn at Oregon State University.

Milkweeds have served as a important model system for studies of the  
evolution of pollination systems and plant defenses against  
herbivory.  Continued phylogenetic study is required to fully resolve  
species level relationships, to further test and expand upon theories  
of coevolution of plants, pollinators, and herbivores, and to develop  
milkweeds as a model system for the comparative study of genomes.

Graduate research in the Fishbein lab may include working with the  
complete genome of Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed) and chloroplast  
genomes from ca. 150 species of Asclepias and relatives.  Research  
activities can involve field work in the US, Mexico, and/or South  
America, next-generation DNA sequencing, and phylogenetic and  
phylogenomic anlalysis.  Opportunities exist for PhD students to  
develop independent projects making use of the considerable data  
generated for this research.

Students will be supported by a combination of research and teaching  
assistantships.  Information about the Botany department can be found  
at http://botany.okstate.edu and the Fishbein lab at http://fishbein.okstate.edu 

To be eligible for stipend enhancements for Fall 2011 admission,  
applications must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2011; however, early  
inquiries are encouraged.  Inquiries should be directed to mark.fishbein at okstate.edu 

Mark Fishbein
Oklahoma State University
Department of Botany
104 Life Sciences East
Stillwater, OK 74078

ph: +1-405-744-4757
fax: +1-405-744-7074

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