[Taxacom] Publication on structural colour patterns on transparent insect wings

Ekaterina Shevtsova Ekaterina.Shevtsova at cob.lu.se
Tue Jan 4 11:23:16 CST 2011

Dear colleagues,

I am very glad to share this news with you! Some of you may remember our 
presentation about structural colours in Hymenoptera wings at 7th 
International Congress of Hymenopterists in Hungary last summer. It's 
been a long journey and finally we have a publication "Stable structural 
color patterns displayed on transparent insect wings" in PNAS. Please 
check this out 

Our great hope is that many taxonomists will look at transparent wings 
of their beloved specimens with a new approach and will use WIPs as a 
morphological character to unravel an amazing biodiversity of tiny 
insects with transparent wings.

Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Ekaterina Shevtsova




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