[Taxacom] Hatfields and McCoys (was: Phylocriminetics)

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The feud between the strict cladists and the evolutionary taxonomists
may come to an end in 50 years, as you say, but it will take an
additional 30 years to repair the damage to classifications. This will
be done by carefully distinguishing the true advances from the
artificial (where artificial means basing classification on structures
of data rather than inductive inferences from structures of data, i.e.
dealing with lemmas and theorems through deductive rules rather than
hypotheses and theories through both deduction and induction). 

That makes 80 years. By then, our recovered ability to give names to
macroevolutionarily important taxa will be too late for any conservation
and biodiversity action involving such hapless taxa.


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                           Ken Kinman     
P.S.  Even the Hatfields and McCoys finally called off their feud after
about 25 years.  Might take 50 years (1966-2016) for the feud between
strict cladists and evolutionary taxonomists to come to an end, but
better late than never!!!       

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